As a gay or lesbian, the dating pool is so small, but…

Chapter 3 of Midshipmen Regulations spells out the rules regarding interpersonal conduct for midshipmen. As stated in the regs, these are gender-neutral rules, meaning they apply to your same sex relationships just as they do to your heterosexual peers.   MIDREGS §3.5 through §3.10 clearly spell out the personal relationships that are unduly familiar because they do not respect differences in grade, rank, position of authority, or the staff/student or officer/enlisted relationship are prejudicial to good order and discipline. These include your relationships with:

  • all enlisted personnel, including NAPSTERS
  • active duty or civilian faculty or staff members and
  • commissioned officers (except 1/C and 2/C midshipmen who have personal relationships with recently commissioned officers).

In the past, these inappropriate relationships were somehow (inappropriately) “justified” or overlooked as by hiding one’s sexual orientation somehow justified overlooking other regulations, too. Enforcement was complicated as those who often had knowledge could not report violations without “outing themselves” and everybody else in the process. This barrier to good order and discipline is now gone with the elimination of the DADT policy. It is easiest for you emotionally to never start a relationship that cannot progress. We strongly recommend that you find another fish in the big tank.