For Your Mental Health at USNA

 You Aren’t Crazy, nor Are You Trapped

We know how very difficult it can be for some of you to re-identify as gay or lesbian while at the Academy. It is those of you who are still all alone and know no others with whom you can comfortably and safely confide and share your thoughts that concern us most.

Again, you certainly are not alone! And before you take any drastic action (like resign) or act out on any thoughts of self destructive behavior, PLEASE visit the Midshipman Development Center (MDC) in the 8th Wing to talk with a mental health professional. These professionals are there for you, they will work with you confidentially, and NOT tell your company officer or others what you share with them. Many of your LGBT peers at the Academy have told us that they DO visit the MDC which has been very helpful for them to help work through some of the more difficult aspects of LGBT life on the Severn.

If for any reason you do not feel quite “right” with a provider at the MDC, you may always request to be seen by another provider. You will not hurt anyone’s feelings at the MDC.

If you are still uncomfortable sharing personal details about yourself even with mental health professionals, you can always visit the MDC to talk with them about “a friend” at the academy about whom you have serious concern.