Midshipmen and USNA Out

Within our “members only” pages of our site, we have additional advice for Midshipmen which doesn’t appear on this page, not because we don’t want the Academy or your parents to find it (we actually share our guidance to Midshipmen with anyone at USNA), but are precluding search engines from inappropriately referencing our site.

You certainly don’t need to be “out” to join USNA Out. As misleading as the name of our organization is, we have many members (alumni, officers and midshipmen) who, for personal reasons, remain invisible on our roster, yet they have access to all members only content on our website. When you “join” USNA Out, you have the ability to remain invisible without exposing your identity to other members; you are only known to our three membership administrators, usually only the one administrator who does the verification of eligibility.

USNA Out welcomes every new member. All midshipmen are most welcome to join our ranks or contact any of our members here. Membership is open to ALL alumni of the US Naval Academy, regardless of sexual orientation. A fair portion of our membership is straight alumni supporters. Hence, membership in USNA Out is NOT a statement of sexual identity. Our number one concern is YOUR safety and welfare, followed closely by your development as a future leader in our naval services.