For Moms & Dads

OK Mom & Dad, so you found this page, too

This webpage is intended to be “The Gouge” for LGBT Midshipmen, but we also know that lurkers and search engines are going to be reading what is here. So Mom & Dad, we know why you probably are here. As parents of a midshipman, we know that you have an instinctual interest in your child’s safety, security and success.

If you are the parent of a straight Midshipman, don’t worry, neither the Naval Academy nor the Navy is going to turn your child gay, unless of course, your child is already gay, and then you can’t blame the Navy or Naval Academy for that. Your child is going to be what he/she is, and no outside influence will be changing that. If you just found out that your son/daughter is gay/lesbian, and if you are like many parents, you might not understand what it means, you might be confused and you might not be very happy to have heard the news. First of all, you need to know that your son/daughter is really going to be OK. And though it might not have been what you wanted to hear from your child, we hope in the long term you will understand that keeping you in their life is a better alternative than than them building the wall and shutting you out of their lives. Letting you know is a sign that they trust you and/or that they need your support and love as a parent. Yes, there may be some lingering discrimination in the Naval Service due to sexual identity, but as we go further into the era of equality for all service members, things will continually change for the better.

If you are looking for more information to help you understand, PFLAG might be a good resource as a starting place.