“Telling” Your Parents

With very few exceptions, we think it is a good idea to “come out” to your parents once you are sure of your sexual identity. You possibly think that you are this exception because you might come from a very conservative or perhaps very religious family, or perhaps it is not the right time, or you know your parents will reject you and stop loving you, but you probably are not the exception. When you hide a major portion of your life from your parents, you begin building a wall between you and them which will distance you from them. As time goes on, this wall will get higher, only becoming more difficult to knock down, even further dividing you from your parents.

Telling your parents is possibly not going to be easy for you. Just ask any of the other midshipmen or recent graduates how this went for them. Your parents might not like to hear what you say when you come out to them because it isn’t what they expected, nor what they want for you. For most parents, it will take some time for them to begin to understand. For some parents, it might be very hard for them to hear the reality, but your parents will probably want to protect you just as any parent would. Your parents need to know that you will be ok, and that you will still have a great career ahead of you.

We are becoming more and more aware that additional resources are needed to give you confidence to tell your parents. We will add these resources to our website once available.