Living Under the Radar at USNA

It Isn’t Easy Being You

If you already identify as or are just beginning to think you might identify as a gay or lesbian midshipman, you are by no means alone there in Bancroft Hall, although it might certainly seem to be so if you haven’t already linked in with some of the dozens of others like you. Most of us have been in your shoes. We know that for many of you, it isn’t a fun experience to figure out that you aren’t who you thought you were, particularly if you have to work though the process alone on your own while “in the fishbowl” at the Academy. And if you are just now coming to terms with yourself, we know that it can affect your state of mind and hence your performance. On the positive side, times have changed and you no longer have to live with the constant fear of being tossed out of the Academy, losing everything you worked so hard to attain, only because of who you are.

You all need to know that USNA Out members take a great deal of personal pride in doing what we can to support the Brigade of Midshipmen, just as most all alumni do. But we really take an intense pride and interest in you as Lesbian and Gay Midshipmen. We want you all to do well, your very best. You are all potentially positioned in this time of history to become the role models that most of us never had.